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Do you own business or you are into creating one? Do you have a website? Well, if yes is the answer to all these questions, then you are on the way in creating a name online. But, if you already have one, and are struggling to get famous on social media, to improve your business, then you need to work on few things to help you land there.

Social media is a vast sea of too many things and people floating atop. There are heavy chances that if your message isn’t strong and you aren’t strong enough, you will be lost in the sea of news feeds and posts that happen each day. So, are you determined to get famous and improve your business, via social media, because that’s the most reachable way? Here are some tips and advice to grow your influence on social media. Read on and hopefully benefit from them.  

If you want to grow your business, you must build your online influence, since that’s the most reaching platform today. So, to build your presence, a website, a strategy to approach on social media and some quick tips will help you reach your destination beyond your expectations. For all of these, there are 2 basic important things, Consistency and commitment. Here are 7 Simple Ways You Can Become Social Media Famous.

One must be committed to the work they do and maintain the consistency. So, let’s tell you few of the important elements of strategizing on social media:

Strong Profile: yes, this is the essential part of getting there. You must create a profile that tells about who you are and what you do, very clearly. Maintaining consistency across all social Medias is very important. Allow your audience to share your interests and expertise, regardless of the platform. Being authentic will take you a long way in getting famous on social media, for a lifetime.

Create visuals: creating pics and other visuals using consistent manner or adapting a unique pattern will help people identify your brand easily and you stand out from the crowd.

Live Videos: they are the hot trend today because they are ‘real’. It helps people to get trusting you because Live Video can’t be Fake! It’s also a great way to stay connected with your fans at the same time staying smart.

Pure and unique Content: content forms the base of a great website or social media page. It allows you to establish credibility among the people. Write the contents as unique as possible; don’t bring out a topic that never exists. Since social media is a powerful tool, getting into bad topics, fake stuff will only spoil your brand name and the trust. Having an ‘About us’ page, which contains your story of the business, describing who you are and what you do, even ‘How’ you do take a long way in helping your audience to relate to you. Include any featured press pages and testimonials from other clients/customers.

Designs: the website definitely needs good designs to be a hit. You can incorporate many graphics and other things there. But staying on with the same font and colour as per your social media page will help people recognise you easily and stay connected.

Get the E-mail list: email list is very important to drive sales. But, getting them isn’t all that easy, nobody will give you their email id for free or no valid reason. You must give a strong reason, or offer some great stuff in exchange to the email id, like any content about something you do, or you have done. Having those lists will help you in converting visitors to the site into customers.

Stay active ‘Offline’ too: staying inactive out of social media, will never help you reach your destiny. In order to grow your business, you must also be active offline, away from social media. Get to meet people, write for industries, speak at events, participate more in seminars and other public events that are related to your business. If you stay on only in social media, then you will just be recognised there, nowhere else!


Be the first to start Conversations:


Finding trending conversations and joining them, will help you in growing your influence on the social media. You can create one yourself too, by creating a cool concept and giving a unique #Hashtag and inviting people. This way people will flock to your thread to find more about conversations!


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